Sunday, June 13, 2010

About Last Night- Mr. And Mrs. Smith

The White Rabbit and I went to see a rockabilly band. Had some drinks. Couldn't keep our hands off one another. We have chemistry, what can I say? I just did. We have chemistry. Enough said!

We went back to his place and this is where it got weird. I expect it to get weird with WR. These aren't regular dates, as I've mentioned before. We started slipping into doubt mode. We started looking at each other as the enemy.

It reminded me of the scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith when they come together after thinking each other is the enemy and must be killed. A physical fight breaks out. The fight turns into passionate sex.

That's just what happened.

There was a verbal exchange. A calm one. But one that was filled with doubt. That conversation lead to pulling each other close. Pulling each other close lead to making out. And making out lead to...

Some of the roughest, most violent, angry sex of our lives.

We pretty much beat the crap out of each other. Flesh was torn and bruised.We were knocked around. Slapped around. Held down. Hair pulled. Choked. Horrible sexy things were said to one another. The fucking was deep and hard and violent.

It. Was. Amazing.

After we held each other close, whispering how much we loved one another. That we had to make this work. That we had to trust. We have to put all the crap from the past aside and just MAKE THIS FUCKING WORK!!!

I spent the next day with WR. I usually need a day to recover but we found ourselves back together again. We spent the day becoming friends. We talked. We talked all damn day. We opened up. We confessed. We shared our stories. Our dreams. Our faults. Our fears.

I've always been infatuated with the White Rabbit. Perhaps even a bit obsessed with him. I still am. But now I like him.

He is no longer the enemy. He is now my friend.

This is going to work!

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