Monday, March 7, 2011

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Thank you!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TwinkleTwat SparkleBox

Not sure if you heard that I recently had my vaginers pierced like nine times. Nine? Ten? I lost track.

SIX piercings remain. Two were removed due to being uncomfortable to function. One rejected.

Vertical Clit Hood- rhinestone barbell
Outer upper labia- rings with rhinestones
inner labia- Rings with rhinestones
Christina- Rhinestone barbell

My nipples also have rhinestone barbells.
My nostril has a rhinestone stud
My nose ring is soon to be getting a rhinestone captive bead

I glow in the dark.

The majority of the jewelry is in the top portion of the vaginal area. The jewelry clinks together and hits the VCH jewelry. The result is that I constantly have a mmmmmm feeling frisky sensation. Not enough to cause an orgasm. Enough to go, "Hmm... I have a clit! It feels nice when it's rubbed. This is pleasant."

I've never been able to orgasm from rubbing my legs together or going over bumps while driving. Wouldn't that be convenient? THen again, I've never had a super sensitive clit. LUCKY ME, she writes sarcastically. I will say that it's much more sensitive now that it's pierced!

Actually, my entire sex life improved 100 percent after getting the VCH. Sex just feels better. Orgasms are stronger. AND I feel sexier. It's bold. A little naughty. It's fun to flash. People seem to find it alluring.

But now with ALL the piercings? SEX IS THROUGH THE ROOF! Or so loud the noise travels through the roof and down the block. I know Rabbit's roomie can hear when I'm at Rabbit's place. It's THAT good. I can't keep quiet. I can't go, (in a quiet, bored voice) "oh. yes. that's... nice." No. I'm the one SCREAMING. I can't help it!!

Rabbit is mesmerized by the piercings. He asked me to get them. Suggested, more like. "You'd look great with more piercings." And off I went la la la la la. Want to impress my boyfriend. What am I, 19??? Exactly.

I'm glad I got them. I love love love my vagina. Not that I ever hated my area, as my daughters call it. My area was a source of sadness, since I went through so many years of painful and heartbreaking fertility treatment. It's fun now to decorate and celebrate. AND ENJOY!

Many ladies ask me about the piercings. Do they feel good? Do they get tangled? Does Rabbit's two penis piercings catch on my six piercings? I already answered the feel good question YES YES YES. If you're interested in getting any, get the VCH. All women should have one! I'd also get inner labia pierced. Those are also quite stimulating for you and a male partner.

The outer labia and Christina are decorative and hard to heal. VHC and inner labia heal quickly.

Each piercing feels differently when being performed. Outer labia made me cry. Very very painful.

Do they get tangled?
No. The inner labia have thick rings and I can't completely close my legs without feeling them. Sometimes I need to do a little shimmy to get them to fall perfectly into place. And yes, you can hear them jingle when I do that. They also jingle during sex.The upper labia rings sometimes get hung up on my underpants. Otherwise, no tangling problems.

Rabbit's piercings catching on mine?
He has a PA and a frenum. His frenum (Underside of dick, under the head, horizontal barbell) acts like a G Spot stimulator. At first it was strange to get used to and now I LOVE IT!! His piercings feel AMAZING. A little tricky to give him oral, but manageable. Do they catch on mine? Never.

Genital piercings can enhance your sex life. Some can give stimulation and others are just for decoration. I say if it makes you feel sexy, then it's SO WORTH the pain and healing time. Go to a reputable shop, find a piercer you trust who has years of genital piercing experience, and give it a try! Oh and ladies- ask to upgrade to a little bling with your jewelry. You can even get colored stones. Change them around with the seasons. Or your mood. Birthstones?

If you get any done, let me know. I'd love to know I inspired someone to explore genital piercings!

Rabbit and Charlotte and Rev and Things That Burn

My husband and my boyfriend are down in the TV room watching Blazing Saddles. I gave up after ten mins.

My guys are friends. Nice how that worked out. We work pretty well as a triad, as it's called. My boyfriend has his own place but spends most of his time here. Which is why I'm so glad my husband actually likes him! My kids adore my boyfriend. They think he's pretty silly.

It's a nice balance of personalities. My husband is serious. Sometimes stoic and has a hard time letting go and being goofy. Whereas the boyfriend is crazy silly and rarely serious. My husband keeps me focused and responsible My boyfriend keeps me young and helps me let go and let loose. My husband is thoughtful. My boyfriend is emotional. They are two VERY different people. Very very very.

My writing is crap on the best of days. I'm tired and wow is my writing suffering. What is the point of this post? I guess some blah blah about the men I adore. Swoooon. My guys!

Today the boyfriend and I went to Walmart for groceries and home essentials. He danced in the clothing department. Danced like a loon. Arms and legs flailing about. Just because.

Later an employee (in the next aisle) called out to another employee, "You got everything?" My boyfriend yelled, "Yeah! I'm good!" Then we heard a, "Whaaaaaaat?" I doubled over laughing. Maybe it was a you had to be there moment.

We then had lunch in the Walmart Subway, our bag filled cart by our side. Now that's fucking romantic.

He's a silly boy and he makes me laugh. He turns me on. He cuddles me closely. He tells me he loves me. He tells me I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him. That he will never love anyone the way he has loved me. That I'm the best sex of his life. That there will never be another woman as important or as special. That he wants to marry me. He doesn't care that it wouldn't be legal. He wants to propose and be engaged and have a commitment ceremony and marry me.

Did I mention he's terribly romantic?

No man has ever spoken to me that way. No man has ever been so romantic and over and top and frustrating and sexy and ARRRRGGG! I love him. I really love that boy.

And yes, my husband knows. He knows The Rabbit and I have such a deep, intense, amazing connection. He knows and sometimes it makes him sad. He wishes he and I could be as connected. I tell him we are! We ARE that connected. We just connect differently. It's not over the top. It's never been! It's not romantic. It's never been! The Rev and I operate differently. We are friends. We are lovers. We have children. We run a house. We've been together 14 years. We are together for life. It's a slow burn. Not a blazing inferno. I'm just lucky enough to have both. I'm lucky enough to have the kind of heat to keep both fires going.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pug Love


I mean the dogs, not Rabbit and Rev.

I have two Pugs. Mugsy and Fugly. The Snarfles. They stink. They burp. They fart. They sneeze on everyone. They are the cutest damn dogs I've ever known.

I have found that when I get down, those damn dogs are just about the only things that can cheer me up. Sometimes I get to the point where I'm sick of people. I hit the social wall, basically. I can't stand to communicate or look at another human being. That's when I shut the door and cuddle my Pugs.

Just one way I handle my poly/extremely social lifestyle when I feel overwhelmed.

The Rabbit has his cat, Stinky. This pic makes me want to cuddle up with both of them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Charlotte's career, or lack thereof

Who's the busy girl?


Between The Collection and Sex Positive St. Louis, Oh My, I am the little social butterfly. Flit flit flit. Float float float.

It's about life experiences, baby.

Tonight I met a woman from a church group. Neither one of us burst into flames. We chatted about tattoos and piercings. She was about mid 50s. She told me she admired my artwork and secretly wished she had gotten tattooed or pierced when she was younger. "I'm surrounded by conservative people. It just wouldn't work now." I suggested she get a tattoo someplace that can't be seen by the public. She then sighed and said, "What I really want to do it get (motions down to her crotch) pierced!"

See! You just never know. The sweet lady at church might be secretly longing for a pierced pussy. Hers or.. someone else's!

No, fo real. You would not believe the amount of women who have told me they wish they could be brave enough to live a life like mine. I feel for them. This journey can be so short. We really should LIVE!

I'm one to talk. I spend much of my day moping about a lack of career. Oh, sure, I'm a voice talent from home. A bit of freelance here. A bit of freelance there. I just wish I could have more. Something bigger. Grander. I'm so fantastic on camera. I wish I could have had the chance to host a show when I was younger.

Ahh but the years pass so quickly. Time is now showing on my face. It's a young woman's career choice- especially when breaking into the biz! I'm in the middle of the country, far from the entertainment biz. My look does not lend itself to hosting afternoon local television.

So yeah, I'm no different. I long. I feel sad for what I haven't done.

Career seems to be the only house of mine that's empty.

Otherwise, things are going well here. Rabbit and I continue our passionate love affair. I'm also having mind blowing sex with my husband. Sometimes Rabbit AND my husband. I never mind speaking about that because so often people feel ashamed about the one girl, two guys thing. If the number one fantasy for hetero guys is two girls, then how come girls can't long for two guys? As they both say, what's hotter than seeing their lady completely lost in non stop sexual bliss? Hours. It lasts hours and hours and hours. That's my kind of sex. I'm a lot of woman. I need more than one man.

So regrets. I want to die having no regrets. Maybe I'll get lucky one of these days with the career. Maybe one day luck will point at me and TA DA!

Will I finally feel satisfied?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Charlotte turns on the water works

I've always been envious of squirty girls.

You know the ones. Maybe YOU are one of the ones! The girls who soak the bed. Or maybe it's just the girls who brag about constantly soaking the bed.

Rabbit's had one or two.

I often get intimidated by Rabbit's previous conquests. Even tho he tells me over and over I am the best thing that's ever happened to him, I'm a GIRL. You get into bed with a guy and the ghosts of past lovers surround the bed and make catty remarks as you fuck.

"You haven't come yet? By now I would have soaked his face."
"You don't like it up the ass? I'd let him ram me so hard I saw stars."
"You do realize he did that with me, don't you? AND he seemed much more enthused when he was doing it."

Change the pitch up. Smack the bitches up! Make them SHUT UP!

Last night I entered their catty little clubhouse. Last night I joined them on the side of the bed, victorious. For I am not a squirty girl. I am a gushy girl!

Rabbit is still out of intercourse commission, thanks to two new penis piercings. We tried. It hurt him. So I asked if he wouldn't mind using my famous glass honey dipper toy. I bought it at my favorite piercing/tattoo shop. It's about eight inches long and it looks like the wooden instrument you use to dip into a jar of honey. It's rounded on the tip, and then there's carefully placed ridges down the shaft.

Rabbit had it in me for about two minutes before it felt like my water was breaking. Unlike when my water actually broke before childbirth, this doesn't come out as a trickle. This was like a huge water balloon popped inside of me and all the water escaped at once.

I soaked the sheet.

Not only the sheet, but he waterproof mattress sheet under the sheet. I almost soaked down to the actual mattress.

Look, I know this is awfully personal to write about but that train left the station when I signed up for this blog, now didn't it? I write this because I want to give hope to the ladies out there who feel like I did. That intimidation you feel when you read about sex stories and hear other women doing things your body can't quite seem to master.

I've played with the honey dipper toy dozens of times. I've had screaming, growling orgasms. Never once did anything come out of me. The orgasm from the gush wasn't even that earth shattering. It was great, don't get me wrong, but I've had stronger. AND the gush didn't happen after the orgasm. It actually happened later. It wasn't even during an orgasm. So what's that about??? NOthing felt different. No tensing of the body. No throbbing. Nothing. Just pleasure pleasure and BURST of water.

I know I didn't pee because pee trickles out. This was like someone poured at least a cup, maybe two cups of water onto my crotch and inner thighs and onto the bed. Amazing. Just amazing and I was in shock for a looong time after I stood up and knees buckled and I wobbled to the bathroom to clean up.

Rabbit's reaction? "Good girl," he reassured, over and over again. Was he phased? Hard to tell. He's been there, done that, way too many times.

The next night Rabbit was at his place, and my husband and I had an alone night. Rev covered the bed in toys and said the night would be ALL ABOUT ME. Don't worry about him. Take my time. Enjoy every single minute. The focus was ALL ME. I desperately wanted to re-create the water works for my husband. He's never seen that. He deserves to see that!

It didn't happen.

Rev is a master of toys. That man can work a sex toy on a woman like no other. Other girls have agreed. YEP, Rev is skilled. Last night he sent me to the moon and back. He said I made noises he's never heard before. It was two hours of non stop pleasure with every toy in my arsenal. There were moments i left my body, it was so incredible. Probably some of the best orgasms of my life. No lie. And yet... WTF?? Not even a tiny droplet.

The human body is a funny thing.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'll be back soon, promise!!

I'm typing this while two pugs are at my feet, gnawing on chewies. Snarf, slurp, burp, repeat.

2011 has been... overwhelming. Weird. Wonderful.

Things I must write about:

How two of my gorgeous friends gave themselves to me as birthday presents.
How another friend showed me the famous Shelf Trick.
Seducing a 22 year old adorable boy at a party.
Getting pierced up with The Rabbit.
Getting more involved with Sex Positive St. Louis
The fetish parties!
The sexy warehouse!
The things I did at the fetish parties at the sexy warehouse!
The return of The Prince.

But enough about me. How's my hair?