Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TwinkleTwat SparkleBox

Not sure if you heard that I recently had my vaginers pierced like nine times. Nine? Ten? I lost track.

SIX piercings remain. Two were removed due to being uncomfortable to function. One rejected.

Vertical Clit Hood- rhinestone barbell
Outer upper labia- rings with rhinestones
inner labia- Rings with rhinestones
Christina- Rhinestone barbell

My nipples also have rhinestone barbells.
My nostril has a rhinestone stud
My nose ring is soon to be getting a rhinestone captive bead

I glow in the dark.

The majority of the jewelry is in the top portion of the vaginal area. The jewelry clinks together and hits the VCH jewelry. The result is that I constantly have a mmmmmm feeling frisky sensation. Not enough to cause an orgasm. Enough to go, "Hmm... I have a clit! It feels nice when it's rubbed. This is pleasant."

I've never been able to orgasm from rubbing my legs together or going over bumps while driving. Wouldn't that be convenient? THen again, I've never had a super sensitive clit. LUCKY ME, she writes sarcastically. I will say that it's much more sensitive now that it's pierced!

Actually, my entire sex life improved 100 percent after getting the VCH. Sex just feels better. Orgasms are stronger. AND I feel sexier. It's bold. A little naughty. It's fun to flash. People seem to find it alluring.

But now with ALL the piercings? SEX IS THROUGH THE ROOF! Or so loud the noise travels through the roof and down the block. I know Rabbit's roomie can hear when I'm at Rabbit's place. It's THAT good. I can't keep quiet. I can't go, (in a quiet, bored voice) "oh. yes. that's... nice." No. I'm the one SCREAMING. I can't help it!!

Rabbit is mesmerized by the piercings. He asked me to get them. Suggested, more like. "You'd look great with more piercings." And off I went la la la la la. Want to impress my boyfriend. What am I, 19??? Exactly.

I'm glad I got them. I love love love my vagina. Not that I ever hated my area, as my daughters call it. My area was a source of sadness, since I went through so many years of painful and heartbreaking fertility treatment. It's fun now to decorate and celebrate. AND ENJOY!

Many ladies ask me about the piercings. Do they feel good? Do they get tangled? Does Rabbit's two penis piercings catch on my six piercings? I already answered the feel good question YES YES YES. If you're interested in getting any, get the VCH. All women should have one! I'd also get inner labia pierced. Those are also quite stimulating for you and a male partner.

The outer labia and Christina are decorative and hard to heal. VHC and inner labia heal quickly.

Each piercing feels differently when being performed. Outer labia made me cry. Very very painful.

Do they get tangled?
No. The inner labia have thick rings and I can't completely close my legs without feeling them. Sometimes I need to do a little shimmy to get them to fall perfectly into place. And yes, you can hear them jingle when I do that. They also jingle during sex.The upper labia rings sometimes get hung up on my underpants. Otherwise, no tangling problems.

Rabbit's piercings catching on mine?
He has a PA and a frenum. His frenum (Underside of dick, under the head, horizontal barbell) acts like a G Spot stimulator. At first it was strange to get used to and now I LOVE IT!! His piercings feel AMAZING. A little tricky to give him oral, but manageable. Do they catch on mine? Never.

Genital piercings can enhance your sex life. Some can give stimulation and others are just for decoration. I say if it makes you feel sexy, then it's SO WORTH the pain and healing time. Go to a reputable shop, find a piercer you trust who has years of genital piercing experience, and give it a try! Oh and ladies- ask to upgrade to a little bling with your jewelry. You can even get colored stones. Change them around with the seasons. Or your mood. Birthstones?

If you get any done, let me know. I'd love to know I inspired someone to explore genital piercings!

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