Thursday, February 10, 2011

Charlotte's career, or lack thereof

Who's the busy girl?


Between The Collection and Sex Positive St. Louis, Oh My, I am the little social butterfly. Flit flit flit. Float float float.

It's about life experiences, baby.

Tonight I met a woman from a church group. Neither one of us burst into flames. We chatted about tattoos and piercings. She was about mid 50s. She told me she admired my artwork and secretly wished she had gotten tattooed or pierced when she was younger. "I'm surrounded by conservative people. It just wouldn't work now." I suggested she get a tattoo someplace that can't be seen by the public. She then sighed and said, "What I really want to do it get (motions down to her crotch) pierced!"

See! You just never know. The sweet lady at church might be secretly longing for a pierced pussy. Hers or.. someone else's!

No, fo real. You would not believe the amount of women who have told me they wish they could be brave enough to live a life like mine. I feel for them. This journey can be so short. We really should LIVE!

I'm one to talk. I spend much of my day moping about a lack of career. Oh, sure, I'm a voice talent from home. A bit of freelance here. A bit of freelance there. I just wish I could have more. Something bigger. Grander. I'm so fantastic on camera. I wish I could have had the chance to host a show when I was younger.

Ahh but the years pass so quickly. Time is now showing on my face. It's a young woman's career choice- especially when breaking into the biz! I'm in the middle of the country, far from the entertainment biz. My look does not lend itself to hosting afternoon local television.

So yeah, I'm no different. I long. I feel sad for what I haven't done.

Career seems to be the only house of mine that's empty.

Otherwise, things are going well here. Rabbit and I continue our passionate love affair. I'm also having mind blowing sex with my husband. Sometimes Rabbit AND my husband. I never mind speaking about that because so often people feel ashamed about the one girl, two guys thing. If the number one fantasy for hetero guys is two girls, then how come girls can't long for two guys? As they both say, what's hotter than seeing their lady completely lost in non stop sexual bliss? Hours. It lasts hours and hours and hours. That's my kind of sex. I'm a lot of woman. I need more than one man.

So regrets. I want to die having no regrets. Maybe I'll get lucky one of these days with the career. Maybe one day luck will point at me and TA DA!

Will I finally feel satisfied?

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  1. I started my first poly experience (in my teen years, wow I feel old) as 1-girl 2-guys. It was mindblowing. I still love it (though it's not quite as shiny-new-mindblowing anymore). Actually being the center of attention of any two partners is pretty damn nice.