Friday, February 4, 2011

Charlotte turns on the water works

I've always been envious of squirty girls.

You know the ones. Maybe YOU are one of the ones! The girls who soak the bed. Or maybe it's just the girls who brag about constantly soaking the bed.

Rabbit's had one or two.

I often get intimidated by Rabbit's previous conquests. Even tho he tells me over and over I am the best thing that's ever happened to him, I'm a GIRL. You get into bed with a guy and the ghosts of past lovers surround the bed and make catty remarks as you fuck.

"You haven't come yet? By now I would have soaked his face."
"You don't like it up the ass? I'd let him ram me so hard I saw stars."
"You do realize he did that with me, don't you? AND he seemed much more enthused when he was doing it."

Change the pitch up. Smack the bitches up! Make them SHUT UP!

Last night I entered their catty little clubhouse. Last night I joined them on the side of the bed, victorious. For I am not a squirty girl. I am a gushy girl!

Rabbit is still out of intercourse commission, thanks to two new penis piercings. We tried. It hurt him. So I asked if he wouldn't mind using my famous glass honey dipper toy. I bought it at my favorite piercing/tattoo shop. It's about eight inches long and it looks like the wooden instrument you use to dip into a jar of honey. It's rounded on the tip, and then there's carefully placed ridges down the shaft.

Rabbit had it in me for about two minutes before it felt like my water was breaking. Unlike when my water actually broke before childbirth, this doesn't come out as a trickle. This was like a huge water balloon popped inside of me and all the water escaped at once.

I soaked the sheet.

Not only the sheet, but he waterproof mattress sheet under the sheet. I almost soaked down to the actual mattress.

Look, I know this is awfully personal to write about but that train left the station when I signed up for this blog, now didn't it? I write this because I want to give hope to the ladies out there who feel like I did. That intimidation you feel when you read about sex stories and hear other women doing things your body can't quite seem to master.

I've played with the honey dipper toy dozens of times. I've had screaming, growling orgasms. Never once did anything come out of me. The orgasm from the gush wasn't even that earth shattering. It was great, don't get me wrong, but I've had stronger. AND the gush didn't happen after the orgasm. It actually happened later. It wasn't even during an orgasm. So what's that about??? NOthing felt different. No tensing of the body. No throbbing. Nothing. Just pleasure pleasure and BURST of water.

I know I didn't pee because pee trickles out. This was like someone poured at least a cup, maybe two cups of water onto my crotch and inner thighs and onto the bed. Amazing. Just amazing and I was in shock for a looong time after I stood up and knees buckled and I wobbled to the bathroom to clean up.

Rabbit's reaction? "Good girl," he reassured, over and over again. Was he phased? Hard to tell. He's been there, done that, way too many times.

The next night Rabbit was at his place, and my husband and I had an alone night. Rev covered the bed in toys and said the night would be ALL ABOUT ME. Don't worry about him. Take my time. Enjoy every single minute. The focus was ALL ME. I desperately wanted to re-create the water works for my husband. He's never seen that. He deserves to see that!

It didn't happen.

Rev is a master of toys. That man can work a sex toy on a woman like no other. Other girls have agreed. YEP, Rev is skilled. Last night he sent me to the moon and back. He said I made noises he's never heard before. It was two hours of non stop pleasure with every toy in my arsenal. There were moments i left my body, it was so incredible. Probably some of the best orgasms of my life. No lie. And yet... WTF?? Not even a tiny droplet.

The human body is a funny thing.


  1. I do try :). It's always fun to play with toys, and I'm always eager to do so!

  2. Fascinating how unpredictable it is. I've always been curious but never experienced it. Do you think your new piercings helped it along?

    Anyway glad you had fun with it!


  3. Mmm, sounds like a delicious experience... congratulations! :)

    Yes, the human body surely is!

  4. Wonderful post. A good toy in the hands of a capable person is beautiful thing!

  5. I have had the same thing start happening to me!! Maybe it's a "40+" age thing? Dunno why, dunno how, but wholly shit! There be a dam in me crotch that lets loose every now and again and I never knew about!!