Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rabbit and Charlotte and Rev and Things That Burn

My husband and my boyfriend are down in the TV room watching Blazing Saddles. I gave up after ten mins.

My guys are friends. Nice how that worked out. We work pretty well as a triad, as it's called. My boyfriend has his own place but spends most of his time here. Which is why I'm so glad my husband actually likes him! My kids adore my boyfriend. They think he's pretty silly.

It's a nice balance of personalities. My husband is serious. Sometimes stoic and has a hard time letting go and being goofy. Whereas the boyfriend is crazy silly and rarely serious. My husband keeps me focused and responsible My boyfriend keeps me young and helps me let go and let loose. My husband is thoughtful. My boyfriend is emotional. They are two VERY different people. Very very very.

My writing is crap on the best of days. I'm tired and wow is my writing suffering. What is the point of this post? I guess some blah blah about the men I adore. Swoooon. My guys!

Today the boyfriend and I went to Walmart for groceries and home essentials. He danced in the clothing department. Danced like a loon. Arms and legs flailing about. Just because.

Later an employee (in the next aisle) called out to another employee, "You got everything?" My boyfriend yelled, "Yeah! I'm good!" Then we heard a, "Whaaaaaaat?" I doubled over laughing. Maybe it was a you had to be there moment.

We then had lunch in the Walmart Subway, our bag filled cart by our side. Now that's fucking romantic.

He's a silly boy and he makes me laugh. He turns me on. He cuddles me closely. He tells me he loves me. He tells me I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him. That he will never love anyone the way he has loved me. That I'm the best sex of his life. That there will never be another woman as important or as special. That he wants to marry me. He doesn't care that it wouldn't be legal. He wants to propose and be engaged and have a commitment ceremony and marry me.

Did I mention he's terribly romantic?

No man has ever spoken to me that way. No man has ever been so romantic and over and top and frustrating and sexy and ARRRRGGG! I love him. I really love that boy.

And yes, my husband knows. He knows The Rabbit and I have such a deep, intense, amazing connection. He knows and sometimes it makes him sad. He wishes he and I could be as connected. I tell him we are! We ARE that connected. We just connect differently. It's not over the top. It's never been! It's not romantic. It's never been! The Rev and I operate differently. We are friends. We are lovers. We have children. We run a house. We've been together 14 years. We are together for life. It's a slow burn. Not a blazing inferno. I'm just lucky enough to have both. I'm lucky enough to have the kind of heat to keep both fires going.

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