Monday, July 5, 2010

Fuck Bunny

I am going to have make-up sex with the White Rabbit.

Fiery, explosive, clawing, pinned down, wrestling around, ANGRY/LOVING make up sex with the Rabbit.

Oh yeah, we had another "dispute." We fight like we fuck. We fuck like we fight.

We're all better now via emails and texts. Haven't spoken to him yet. Haven't seen him in person. I think when I do someone is going to get hurt. As in physically hurt. Probably both of us. We'll end up in the ER from make-up sex injuries.

He's a brat.

So am I.

I wish he wasn't so shiny.

1 comment:

  1. "Oh he's such a brat!!" And you aren't at times?? ;)

    You seem to have such an intense, high energy way of lovin'... it's fascinating to see, especially with how you write about it. So different from my own style, but that's what makes it interesting to read!

    I'm glad you're sharing your tales.