Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sitting Room

Rabbit worked last night. The plan was for him to go home and get some stuff done. I'd see him the next day at his place as he cleaned and got ready for a movie night party.

About 10pm I was in my jet tub when Rabbit started texting. He missed me. He missed my big cozy bed. I was hoping he'd say he'd be right over. No. He was heading home. Yeah right. It's the RABBIT, hellooooo.

He sent a text that told me I needed to get off. I texted back the question, "What should I do?" He answered, "Open the door."

Rabbit held me by the door, just as he did that morning. Stroking my hair, telling me how beautiful I am. How much he loves me. I heated up some dinner for him. Sat and talked about his day. Then we went into the sitting room where I lit candles and we stared at one another. More staring. Back to the staring. We're doing that again.

He made love to me. Soft, gentle, love making on the couch. His face even more beautiful by candlelight. He said over and over how much he loved me. How he wanted to marry me. How he wanted to be with me forever. PLease just be with him and love him and let him love me.

Drop dead romantic.

This morning we sat on the deck and ate breakfast. He played guitar. He sang. I was transfixed, then became drained. He's so emotional when he sings that it makes the listener emotional as well. He loses himself in his music. In the words. He gets SO into his playing. It's sexy. It's shocking. It's revealing. It's Rabbit as his most vulnerable.

He didn't need to make love to me again. He did so with his music.

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