Monday, November 22, 2010

Day to Day Poly Blog?

Feedback from The Collection Blog has been fantastic! I've always wanted to be part of a group blog project and am truly enjoying working with my friends and lovers.

THe one negative that I have personally heard about THe Collection is that people want more information on the day to day life of living poly. What is is REALLY like to have a husband and a boyfriend? For my husband to have a girlfriend? No, really! How does that WORK?

A friend suggested that I open this blog back up again and start documenting the realities of living poly. That way I don't take away space from the other Collection members. The eight of us take turns posting articles and I like to only have one posted per day. My friend's suggestion of using this already established blog as a daily showcase of life in the poly world sounded appealing. In the past I used this blog to document the more... erotic... aspects of poly. I think now I'll do that AND talk about the daily routine, which is never truly routine in my world!

Example: My oldest daughter has the pukies. This morning my husband brought her into our room and tucked her in with me while he took our younger two girls to school. The Rabbit had stayed the night and was getting ready for work. He came out of the bathroom and saw her tucked into bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her head and listened to her talk excitedly about how Christmas is a special time for pug dogs. Perhaps we should call it Merry Snaf-mas? (Since Pugs make snarf snarfle sounds.) I watched him smile at her ideas, then he kissed us goodbye and left for the day.

There is much in poly that is quite sexy! But there is more that is about the actual relationship dynamic within the family. In our situation, Rabbit is a part of our family. We all love him and care for him and enjoy having him around.

I want to talk about that, plus what it's really like to have a younger boyfriend. The benefits are obvious but there are also fears. Insecurities. I want to discuss the reality of knowing one day he will move on and date others. That he has to be free to find what my husband and I have. How that terrifies me, yet I understood going into this what will eventually happen. That if you love someone, you have to set them free cliche cliche yaddas.

Balance. It's a word that comes up over and over again in my head lately. How to find balance? Is it possible??

I'm excited to have this blog as an outlet to discuss these issues. I hope you enjoy reading about them!

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