Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Have The Monopoly

As promised, more about the day to day realities of living poly. Note that the entries in the coming days are going to be less about the sex. BECAUSE I AM NOT HAVING ANY SEX! Stupid vaginal penetration limitation.

A scene from last night.

Picture a sitting room. A lovely sitting room done in wood with huge wooden doors and wood floors and red velvety couches and red curtains. Husband and his gorgeous girlfriend sit on one couch. Rabbit and I sit on the other. On the coffee table between us is St. Louis Monopoly. Just like regular Monopoly but with local streets, attractions, and businesses. Husband's girl lounged across his body. I cuddled closely with Rabbit. We played our game. I could not catch a break. I kept rolling bad numbers. Fuck Monopoly! This game sucks, hahaha.

The youngest woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep. I brought her downstairs and she became the dice thrower. She shot like she was playing craps, which cracked me up. I made hot chocolate (for the adults) with whip cream vodka and chocolate liquor topped with whip cream and chocolate shavings. I put some whip cream in a little bowl with a spoon for my little one. We sat together and played our game like the unique little family that we are.

Wow. That's really fucking cozy.

Yup Shore is.

See, it would have been PERFECTION if I hadn't entered the OH SHIT zone. You know when you indulge in party favors? Alcohol, or whatever drug is your choosing? Heck, count caffeine if you want. And you cross over into the zone where you know you are headed into trouble? The room begins to sway. Dinner starts to rise up in your throat. You realize you cannot stand up a second longer or you will fall over.

OH shit.

That's so not like me. I can handle my chemicals. I can out-chemical just about anyone out there. My tolerance is through the roof. What the hell was going on last night??

Please note I DO NOT do any of that in front of my children. I also do not alter my state of mind unless another adult is around to care for the children, should I have one too many glasses of wine or whatever. The little one happened to wake up and I just happened to enter the Oh Shit Zone at the wrong time. Not a problem. Three of the other adults were perfectly fine. Rev is not a drinker.

Rev walked her back upstairs and put her to bed. I sat with Rabbit and calmed down my dizzies. Keep one foot on the floor at all times, even when reclining. That works, right! 20 mins later and I was back to normal with no yarfing involved, yay!

We then decided to play a question/answer game. Husband's girlfriend has sex and non sex question games. Last night we played the sex questions. Kind of tough when you're poly because the questions about cheating or would you have group sex etc etc are like- DUH. The moral questions of what would happen if you became attracted to someone else don't apply. We need to come up with a poly question game!

As we answered, I looked at my husband and Nora. She's elegant. Well spoken. Calm. Mature. Just like my husband. Then I looked at Rabbit and I. We're a mess. We're loud. Chaotic. Mouthy. Stupid. Goofy. They are the good kids. We are the bad kids.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable. Nora is so together and there I was just this babbling mess. They'd ask a question and seconds later I'd ask, "What was the question?" Good gawd I am so different than Nora. This is why my husband adores her so much. He gets two VERY different ladies in his life. But see the same applies to me. I get two VERY different men.

At one point, Rabbit was asked what surprises him about our relationship. He answered that he keeps finding more and more awesome things about me. Just when he thinks I can't get more awesome, I say something and he goes, "Really? Did she really just say that?" and he gets all impressed and swoony. I said what surprises me about Rabbit is that I'd want to be his friend, even if we didn't have a sexual relationship. I'd want to hang out with him. I'd want to be a close friend and confidant. I really like the guy. He's good for me. He's a goof ball who accepts the fact that I'm a goof ball idiot. He and I are so very much alike.

Nora was tired, so Rev took her home. Rabbit and I went upstairs to the bedroom and watched a ton of Arrested Development on Netflix through the Roku. LOVE THAT SO MUCH! Love Arrested DEvelopment, as I am seeing it for the first time. Love the Roku. Hate DVDs. Hate dealing with DVDs. Does any mom enjoy DVDs? All the previews and the menus and the kids whining because it takes so long. Or one is scratched up and THAT was the one the kids HAD to see. Fuck off DVDs. Streaming entertainment FTW!!

This morning Rabbit headed home to make fudge. Rev made a pie. We are all headed to Nora's for Thanksgiving.

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