Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please Don't Stop The Music

I recently had surgery in my girlie area. What, your feet? That's a girlie area. Girls love shoes! Oh. No? Your hair? Girls love doing their hair. Your purse. You had surgery on your purse. What are you talking about, Charlotte?

Sometimes I channel Rabbit when I speak. I will be cooking and say, "I want to eat the fuck out of these eggs. Yeah, yeah." And my husband will say, "Ok, Rabbit."

Now I'm channeling Rabbit as I write. Isn't it interesting how we take on the isms of those we date?

Right now I'm not taking on any isms. As is jism? Oh my god, I really wrote that. Yes I did. I'll own it! The recent surgery in my girlie area means I'm on a vaginal penetration limitation for THREE WEEKS oh gawd. Three weeks.

We are now one week down. Two very long weeks to go.

Rabbit is a sexy mofo. It's so hard to resist him. It's so hard to be next to him and just make out. Or have some foreplay shenanigans. With Rabbit, it's the size of the wand AND the magic inside. It's the size of the ocean and it's motion. Rabbit is a closer. He's a seducer and he brings it home to mama!

He's a great fuck. OK FINE I SAID IT. I'm owning that one, too!!

Being with Rabbit is getting harder and harder. Hard. I said hard. ACK! Tell me I can't do something and it's ALL I WANT TO DO! It's not easy on Rabbit, either. Sure there are other things we can do. That we do-do. But ehhh... I've never really been a foreplay girl. I know that's SO anti-girl of me. I'm more guy than girl. I likes my intercoursin!

So instead of bonin, we're having nightly music class on my bathroom floor- otherwise known as Flooros. "Where the floor gets lower."

Rabbit will bring over a collection of his favorite music from a particular artist or band he loves. He will then take me through their history and offer trivia and tidbits about the band or the headspace or memories he experienced for those particular songs.

It's win win. I discover music I wouldn't otherwise be exposed to. Which keeps me young. Current. And adds cool new tunage to my rotation. It also gives me more soundtrack selections for my relationship with Rabbit.

Do you do that? Do you soundtrack your life? Songs that sum up a time of your life or an experience or a person you spend time with?

It makes sense. I can't score with Rabbit in the physical sense so I'm scoring our nights with our soundtrack.

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