Monday, November 29, 2010

Bawk Bawk!

I'm typing this with the five pounds I gained over Thanksgiving break. My fat is functional AND talented.

My Thanksgiving was one of the best evah. We decided to have a poly family Thanksgiving. Nora hosted at her place. She cooked the entire meal. My husband Rev made the pie. The Rabbit made fudge. Nora has a dance studio in her home and my children had a blast wearing belly dancing jingle jangle skirts and twirling around. Ok fine. *I* had a blast wearing jingle jangle skirts and twirling around.

Nora discovered Darling Niki was alone for the night and invited her over. When the kids left the room to watch Spongebob, Niki showed us some moves from her stripper days. I do not suggest attempting to learn the stripper get down on the floor and spread your legs high in the air while experiencing mashed potato bloat.

Dinner was delish! We joked and laughed and gossiped until my oldest daughter puked up an entire life's worth of food onto her plate. At one point I cupped my hands and she blessed me with her mashed potato bloat. Not the first time, nor will it be the last. Parenthood!

The night ended with frozen mini van doors that wouldn't open and Rabbit's car that wouldn't start. My youngest daughter yelled in a panicked voice, "Oh no! We have to rescue my boyfriend!" Rabbit came home with us and the next day my husband took him to work. What? Is that weird? Don't all husbands make sure their wife's boyfriend gets to work on time?

Collection member J was giving me shit for my last post not being sexual. DOOD! I am now on the final week of a three week vaginal penetration limitation due to a surgical procedure. One that has left me crampy and icky and blehhh. Sex? No. Stay away from my sad vag, please. The whole experience has left me overwhelmed and depressed.

Nora and Rev recognized this, and took the kids to Nora's place for a slumber party. They had pizza and dancing and slept in the dance studio. I stayed home and watched hours and hours and hours of movies. BLISS! Pure bliss. Just me in my fuzzy robe and no one to take care and the biggest problem I had to solve was what chips to eat so I could make it a six pound Thanksgiving weight gain.

Oh yes indeedy. An amazing Thanksgiving weekend experiencing the benefits of spending time with our new chosen family.

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