Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back on the horse, har har har

Point and call me a dorkus. I can't stop saying, "Bob Loblaw's Law Blog."

See, THIS is the problem of not watching television. As in- watching series as they air. We now have streaming Netflix and I am getting caught up on all kinds of shows I missed. I also lurve watching a series at all once, movie style. We are currently tackling Arrested Development and I have never laughed so hard at a TV comedy. The inside jokes. The physical gags. Brilliant.

The downside is that my pop culture references are at least four years out of date.

Eh, it's ok. I'm almost 40. Most of my friends are in their 20s. THey cut me slack for being out of date.

I'm writing this on the day that marks my last month to be in my 30s. I started this blog to chronicle the last year of my Dirty Thirties. I've since taken down most of those posts. They'll be up again in the future. I just don't have the time to re-publish. Honestly, things are moving at too fast of a pace.

Today also marks the day that my vaginal insertion restriction is OVAH! I saw the doc and am Cancer free!! I did learn the cells were more wide-spread that originally thought. Also, more aggressive. As in- I was just a short time away from having full blown Cancer. Luck was on my side. I am truly, truly, grateful.

The thought that I'd leave this planet before my kids...

Let's not go there. I lost my dad when I was a child. I still miss him. STILL. That pain NEVER EVER goes away. I always feel cheated. ALWAYS. I cannot do that to my girls. I know things can't be helped but we CAN get checkups. We can control that. SO GET YOUR PAP, ladies! Get your mammograms! Guys- get all the things you get checked. I don't know which ones. Your parts confuse ladies as much as our parts confuse you.

So of course we had sex! We as in- Rabbit and me!

Doc said go slow. Lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. If you have pain, stop. No slam fucking. He didn't actually say slam fucking. He did say, "Three weeks is a LONG time to go without sex. You probably need relief so just go easy, ok? Next week you can have the deeper penetration sex."

My doc is so damn cool. Oh, I came out to him. He knows we are poly. He knew us before we were practicing poly. Rabbit has come with me to appointments. Rabbit and my husband were there for my surgery. You HAVE to be honest with your medical pros about your sexual status. If they aren't supportive, go elsewhere. You have maintain good sexual health and sometimes that means telling medical people about some of the weird shit you are into. Not that I'm saying poly is weird. Ok, it is to SOME people. But there's multiple partners, so my GYN needed to know.

Funny thing-a nurse is always present because my GYN is male and it's a law she be present??? Whatevs. I was worried her being quiet around me was her being disapproving. Not so. We were alone in the room for a bit today and she asked if I would be offended if she asked me about my situation. How it works, etc. She said, "It's not for me, but I am really in awe of the love I've seen with you and how you guys communicate. Good for you!"

See? Just because it's not YOUR thing, doesn't mean it's a BAD thing. Honestly, once people get to know us and know we are motivated by the greater good of everyone involved, people really do become more accepting of our situation.

Rabbit and I have not had the sexual intercourse in three weeks. We HAVE reaaaally improved our friendship. Our relationship has gone through many changes in six months. From casual players, to insecure freakouts, to being afraid to really open up, to totally opening up and falling hard in love, to a really tight friendship. We took away the sex and focused completely on being buds. Hanging out. Just enjoying being together.

The result is that I want to be Rabbit's friend for life. NO matter what happens. I really really like him and care about what happens to him. I also feel incredibly protective of him. I'm on his side. He's a different kind of person. But so am I. We understand that about each other. There's this fierce protective loyalty that we have now. There's also this intense co-dependence that has formed.

I liken it to an iPhone, notorious for fast battery drainage. We hang out. Then we need our alone time. He goes his way, I go mine. He hangs out at his place. Maybe sees some friends, which he NEEDS TO DO MORE OFTEN! They miss him. He misses them. I am really encouraging him to make time for them more often. AND I want to hang out with them occasionally, too! He has amazing friends. So loyal and so so accepting.

Back to being iPHones. A few hours later, we need recharging and we need it with each other. He comes back over. I run into his arms. He holds me and holds me and holds me. He tells me he loves me over and over. We go upstairs and watch our TV or hang at Flooros (the bathroom) and listen to music.

BUT NOW... now we can HAVE SEX AGAIN!! So we did. And Rabbit was paranoid. "It's like fucking a virgin." Yeah, if porn legend Nina Hartley was a virgin. I don't have half assed sex. What's the point? And today's sex didn't hurt. So we made up for those lost three weeks.

And how about this? It was kind of awkward at first. Like two friends making the transition from just friends to friends with benefits. Weird??? That lasted for a few mins, then we were BACK, babeeee! We were back.

THe Rabbit and I have great sex, no doubt about it.

WOW I rambled. How you doin?

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