Monday, December 27, 2010


I wrote about our first poly Xmas on the Collection Blog. Please note I am not paid to write here or there. I am attempting to show that alt lifestyles and poly aren't dirty and awful and OH MY GOD THE CHILDREN! WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN! Go read and see that THE CHILDREN had the best Christmas evah cuz they are so damn loved.

Oh lordy lordy. I am so out now. So so out with my poly-tastical ways. It's nice. I likey. I am only hidden from my fam and I think they are catching on. I always wonder what do people who don't know really suspect? I found out today!

My gym has fantastic babysitting. The girls who run the childcare are young, energetic, and so caring. They've been to our home. One gave my daughter a bike. The other comes to babysit here on occasion.

We did not tell them about our poly status because at the time we were closeted. They follow me on Facebook, so they learned when I came out. Before that, they wondered. Today I found out they did talk and ask each other questions. "Is Rabbit her... boyfriend??" "No, he's just a good friend of the family."

Then one night my hub and I went to a tattoo convention. We hired one of the childcare girls to watch our children in our home. I was dressed to show my tats and looking kinda pin up. Rabbit was waiting at our place when we got home. I got out of the car and his eyes got wide. He loooooves that look. Tats, piercings, the dark hair, the sexy pin up flirty look. He can't get enough of that. Seriously, if my tats are covered during sex, he asks I uncover. He gets aroused just checking me out. Oh that's not flattering one bit, heh.

We walked into the house and he was obviously checking me out. Then he started to stroke my back. He pulled me to him, hugging me longer than a casual friend would. I quickly sat on the couch and he sat by me and put his arm around me and said, "You look amazing." Our sitter was right there. I was thinking.. ok! Cat is out of the bag! She was cool about it. Hung out for a bit and chatted with us.

Shortly thereafter I came out on Facebook. I worried the childcare girls would be a casualty. Both are religious and trust me, I see nothing wrong with that. I know there are good Christians out there. They are the ones who do good deeds quietly. It's the nut jobs that scream the loudest and act like loons and turn people off to religion. Thankfully both ladies accepted us.

Today at the gym they asked questions about our situation. How does it work? Jealousy? Scheduling? How did you tell the girls? The typical questions. I answered each one honestly and thoroughly. Their reaction? "We've been in your home. You guys are such good parents. I mean, your home is totally normal. You guys are such good people."

Again, why I came out. Why I blog. Why I want to become extremely public. I know there are risks. Trust me, I know this. But I also think I'm the perfect person to put my face out there as a poly representative. We ARE good people. We are pretty damn normal people. We are just living life according to our rules.

Whew, I am tired. Christmas was as it is to most people- tiring! My daughter's Bday was the next day. Another daughter's Bday is NYE. Then MY 40th is the 7th. Much celebrating is left. Hopefully this old gal can keep up!

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