Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Thanks so much for reading this blog! I don't know who is out there. I don't check stats here. I publish the link on Twitter and on my Collection blog. I know some people I am friends with come here occasionally. Otherwise, I write this completely 100 percent for me. As someone who has blogged almost all of her adult life, I have a good idea how this works. I'm a stats whore. I know my demographic. I study stats and sometimes tailor posts for my readers to give them what they crave. This blog? Nope. Me. All mine. Therapy.

HOWEVER- Confession- I love that you are reading this. I am an exhibitionist and altho this IS for me, I get off on the fact that you are here and come back for more. Purrr and MEOW to you!

SO you read that the other night the young boy toy (boyfriend whom I love but we both get excited by calling him a boy toy) had a let's pretend we're married night. If the married couple are a bunch of cum whores. I say that with complete respect for cum whores. Cum whores need love, too. Shouldn't everyone be a cum whore? Who doesn't love a big ol throbbing orgasm?

(Thought. Someone from my online world asked if I talk the way I write. If we hung out and had coffee, would I tell stories in person the way I do here on the blog? I replied, "Fucking take me out for coffee and find out, foo!" Guess they got their answer. I am socially appropriate. A lady when required. A freak when not. Raunch with class and humor. Does anyone wonder why I adore the legendary Mae West so much? If you don't know her, GOOGLE!!)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so back to my original (?) train of thought? My trains of thought are always derailing. We had the married night that ended with violent sex. Then Rabbit switched it up and had me to his place for a typical date a young bachelor night. Video games, takeout, and makeout. It ended in bed, of course. We always end up with him inside one part of me or another.

I've talked to Rabbit's former lovers. He's consistently good with the sexin. All the ladies look back on their lovin fondly. Maybe not so much in how he handled their relationships. But the sex? Let's just say each one got a faraway look in her eyes, then closed them, then sighed, and did a little squirm and replied, "Oh yeah he's good. VERY good."

Know what I find so very cool? His mom is proud of that fact. She gave him a how to make love book when he was younger. She wanted her son to know how to please a woman. Now THAT is a mom! I've told her how he makes me swoon in the sheets. Any ladies reading this and laughing as you picture telling your MIL or boyfriend's mother that he makes you see stars during sex? She's an awesome mama.

So another dizzying night with The Rabbit. Just when I think we're done and he's ready to pass out, he will grab me and demand more. The whole time he is looking me deep in the eyes and telling me I am all his. That he's mine. That he can't live without me. The Rabbit doesn't go long (even when not having sex) without telling me he loves me. He wakes up in the middle of the night and will pull me to him and tell me he loves me. He is always holding me, hugging me, nuzzling me, whispering to me, texting me, emailing me, FB messaging me that he loves me. He is a cuddle slut. He likes to curl up in my arms or hold me and tell me how happy he is because we are together.

I knew, I said, I FELT that this would be the most intense relationship of my life. I really care about him. So so much. No matter what happens to us, I will always look back on this time with amazement that I found someone who just as over the top passionate, dramatic, romantic, and sexual as I am. No matter what happens to us as partners and lovers, we will always remain friends. I really care about that man so very much.

What a great way to end the last year of my Dirty 30s!


  1. Hi Charlotte,
    It is the Monet who clued you about being a vixen. Well, I've finally been initiated into being a Hot Wife after a long period picking the man. And it was worth the wait! Ten years younger than myself and I couldn't get enough! My husband was glowing with pride. Since then another lover, a little more mature but with a two hour session with no holds barred. I lost count of the orgasms. I don't think I am destined for the poly life you describe, but I really do love the sex and am so grateful to my wonderful husband for suggesting this life style. Sex with my husband has improved immensely since I became a Hot Wife.
    Been a while since I have read your blog as it drifted into a period when password access was being asked for. You have really taken the poly road. My suggestion: take off a month at least once a year and spend it re-bonding with your husband (he should do the same, take a month off from the girl friend). Becoming a Hot Wife has just increased my love for my husband.
    Thank you for the inspiration and example.


  2. Monet, I posted your comment as a blog entry on The Collection.



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