Thursday, December 16, 2010

Afternoon Delight With The Rabbit

A SEX POST! ABOUT SEX! So if you know The Rabbit in person and a play by play post about his quivering naughty bits freaks you out, well perhaps this isn't the right blog post for you at this time. Considered yourself warned, Friends and loved ones!! Charlotte is dishing some dirt. With Rabbit's permission, mind you. I don't fuck and tell without permission.

Rabbit and I are at that cozy stage AND it's freaking freezing in St. Louis right now. We pitter patter about the apartment in our fuzzy robes and wooly socks. We have a little routine. We make coffee. We make our breakfast wraps. Peanut butter, chocolate chip and bacon rolled up in a wheat wrap. He reads the news on his phone. I wander upstairs and take care of Collection Blog business or answer client emails. So relationship-y. It's nice.

But today I wasn't feeling the house frau vibe. I showered, got made up, and slipped into a take on the naughty school girl look. I have a nightie that I found in the teen section of a generic discount store. It looks like something a high school slut would wear to seduce her teacher. I added frilly black unders and high heels that tie with little black bows. Donned a red robe and sauntered in to present myself to my man.

The Rabbit, being the Rabbit, noticed and appreciated at full attention. Rabbit also being Rabbit was not going to let me take charge. Not this time. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bedroom. He then grabbed the back of my hair, tugged, and pushed me down onto the bed, where he discovered the frilly panties. "You're wearing panties, you cunt!" he growled. "Now pull them to the side so I can fuck you."

And he did. While stopping to smack my ass or pull my hair or say in his deep seductive voice that I'm his. All his.

I'm a person who is in charge of everything. Overscheduled and totally in control. Sometimes girls like me like to be taken over. Told what to do. How to act. How to come.

It ended with Rabbit flipping me over, covering my mouth with one hand and yanking my hair with the other. Both of us writhing and moaning and clawing and biting and coming.

Now THAT is how you break the cozy couple cycle. Not that I mind being cozy. This girl needs a little variety!

After we cuddled together, him stroking my hair and telling me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me and adores me. Swoon. THen he said he wanted to shower and tried to get up.

This girl likes variety AND this girl likes more more more more more. I pulled him back down to me. He said, "Is my baby still horny? What am I saying? Of course she is. She's my insatiable little slut." Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Got him??? Will he stay? Can I convince him to go for round two?

This time I pinned Rabbit down. I started whispering in his ear about a certain someone we know. A fantasy scenario involving a mutual friend and a night of decadence that would start at our favorite bar and end at his place.

That did it. Got him! Rabbit was mine! He demanded I ride him and give him play by play details. He chimed in with his own ideas. It was hot. So crazy hot that only moments later, we were both crying out and looking stunned at the same time. Round two. That quickly after round one. And... damn!! A satisfying finish!! The crowd goes wild with applause!!!

So... who was the friend in the fantasy?

I'll leave that up to your imagination.

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