Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mrs. Rabbit

Oh look. Another post about sex. Or if you are someone who doesn't like sex, don't look. Or maybe just look within to find out what the hell is wrong with you!

Saturday night, The Rabbit and I had the place to ourselves. Kids were off with Dad at Nora's house for the night. The RAbbit thought it would be fun to cook a meal and bake dessert. I thought it would be fun to do so dressed as a 50s pinup, complete with frilly apron. THe Rabbit was impressed. He's into my tattoos and thought they looked hot juxtaposed against the innocence of the 50s housewife look and couldn't keep his hands off me as I attempted to cook.

I told him it was ok. We were having a fantasy night. We could pretend we were newlyweds and be over the top romantic and then fuck all night. He called me Mrs. (His last name) and told me what an amazing wife I was. We got into character, him being the in charge husband and me being the submissive and sweet life.

Rabbit got turned on and demanded I take off my pants. He then leaned me over the stove, grabbed a spatula, and began spanking me. That revved him up even more, and he demanded I get on top of the stove and sprawl out so he could feast on me as an appetizer. The Rabbit has incredible oral skills. Actually, he's skilled at Anything Sexual.

A buzzer dinged. Ingredients needed to be added. Items needed to be taken out of the oven and other dishes put in. THe Rabbit watched as I tried to cook, my mind and body way too distracted and wanting more. He grabbed my hand and took me into the sitting room, which was lit by red Christmas lights. Red light, red couches. QUite the sexy scene. He once again demanded I spread my legs for him and lean back and just enjoy.

I don't know how much time passed. I left my body a few times. Unreal. Un-freakin-real. He'd stop, check on the oven, come back and get back to work. It was pure bliss.

We eventually paused long enough to enjoy our cooking, and the meal was surprisingly tasty, considering we were pretty half assed with the preparation. He started back in on me as his wife, saying what a good cook his wife was and how I take such great care of him. We began kissing, with him telling me how much he loved me and didn't want to be without me. That got us both going again, of course.

We raced upstairs to continue in the bedroom. The Rabbit was once again fired up as he pushed me back onto the bed, clamped his hand over my mouth, tore off my clothes and fucked me hard. "You are mine!" he hissed into my ear. He grabbed a fist full of hair and tugged hard and said through clenched teeth, "I love how I can take you whenever I want you." He slammed into me, biting my ear, then clamping his hand over my mouth again. "Shhhh," he warned, "I don't want anyone to hear us."

Considering we were all alone, that statement was extremely over the top sexy to me. Rabbit was off in another fantasy. He was taking me whether I wanted him or not. That added an extra oomph to an already charged situation. I began to play struggle from his grasp. Writhing, Moaning no no no no no please stop. Which made Rabbit hold me down and fuck me harder. He was so crazy turned on and moved his hand from my mouth so he could hear me moaning. After a moment he then pulled me into his arms and held me and rocked me, telling me how much he loved me and that I was safe.

We listened to music, staring into each others eyes and just saying we loved one another over and over again. I wanted over the top, I got over the top. We'd pause a moment to be googley eyed and in love, start kissing, and end up fucking.

"You are the most insatiable woman I've ever known," he said in awe. I smiled and stroked his curls and replied, "So are you." We both stared a moment before busting up laughing. "Yes,' he said with mock seriousness, "I am an insatiable woman."

I then tried to climb over him to get to the other side of the bed. He grabbed me and pulled me down on his once again hard cock. The boy can go go go go go go. I tried to protest, but Rabbit held me down on top of him by my shoulders. "Oh no you don't. I can fuck you whenever I want."

Yes Rabbit, you fucking brat, yes you can. And he did. And we did. For six hours straight. Another hot night we can add to a memory book overflowing with hot nights.


  1. Sigh. I love your posts, Charlotte. Love.

  2. Thank you! Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate that!